IN the previous episode Crown Prince refuse to let go eunch Hong with Yoon Sung. He was being top possessed and had some unclear thing ...

I won't Give what's Mine - Moonlight Drawn by Clouds - Ep 6 Review Our Thoughts

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 ra on with the crown princeon the horse - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

IN the previous episode Crown Prince refuse to let go eunch Hong with Yoon Sung. He was being top possessed and had some unclear thing with Yoong Sung. The ginseng happen to came there and invite Yoon Sung seeing the ginesung and yoon Sung position eunch Nam agreed to go with them as he wanted to spend some time at the ginseng house. Here the crown Prince couldn't help to stop eunch Hong and let him got.

 crown prince leave ra on and yoon sung with the ginseng - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

At times we feel sorry for the crown Prince but things will go along with the story as teh writer wrote it. Yoon Sung and eunch Hong were on there way back nd happen to encounter the mask Man who was running from the soliders.

Here we remember many of the historical serial seris specially Bridal Mask and Illjaeme. This scene made us have the expectation the drama will surely be more interesting in the further peiosde as we didn't knew who really behind the mask man activities.

 the mask man appear after the lantern festival - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

Crown Prince was all angry of eunch Hong's behavior who left him to spend time with Yoon Sung. He was missing eunch Hong's presence while practicing arching. Accidentally he missed the target as he was not attentive and an accident happen. It was the same lady from the lantern festival who fell down trying to save herself from getting hurt.

The crown Prince came and apologize for him being careless. The lady came to knew he is his Highness and falls for his charms.

 crown prince hurt second herion whileshooting the arching -  Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

There wasn't any single moment the crown Prince didn't miss eunch Hong. He got frustrated while sitting alone in the room. He tried to read some book how eunch Hong enjoy his work. He took one of the book from eunch table and saw some of the cartoon pictures drawn by eunch Hong. These cartoons were indicating the incidents of crown Prince and his reactions. Seeing this we smiled along with crown Prince

 crown prince smile when saw the drawings on the book by ra on  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

Eunch Hong tol Byung Yun not to wait for him he will be out for the night duty at envoy Residence. There was a guest from Qing dynasty. We were sure someone planned it knowing eunch Hong secret and things will not come out good there. As expected it happened so, that person already already knew the person who performed at the event.

He mistreated eunch Hong and tried to get over him. Eunch Hong refused saying this is not right i am just here to serve you please keep the distance but eunch Hong's words didn't work on him. We wish some one might come and save eunch Hong. Suddenly the door broke my sister said it must be Byung yun as he knew eunch Hong is here for the duty. But Daebak it wasn't Byung Yun it was the crown Prince who pulled his swad on the envoy and threat him for his actions.  

 Eunch Jang sent Ra on on a night duty at Qing room, crown price came and save ra on - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

Thanks God eunch Hong was saved but things become more complicated and hard eunch & Crown PRINCE. The king Took the notice for Crown Prince actions and ordered to put eunch Hong in prison.
Crown Prince beg the King to let go eunch Hong & punish him instaead. We really feel sorry for the crown Prince he couldn't hep more to save eunch Hong from King's punishment.

 ra on taken to the prison by the guards  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

As crown Prince couldn't help more to save eunch Hong,  Yoon Sung used his ways to protect eunch Hong after he come to knew what had happen and ho made things this way. It was his eunch Ma Jong Ja who happen to knew the secret of euch Hong and made it end up at the envoy of Qing.

Yoon Sung beutifully threaten the eunch by pulling the gun on him. If somethig happen top eunch Hong or someone talk bad about him i will sure to put a hole in your head. In other words he will finish off eunch Maa's life.

 yoon sung scared eunch ja with the gun so he shouldn't reveal ra on identity  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

The two of the knights jumped in to save eunch Hong. Crown Prince visit eunch hong in the prison we really enjoyed how he manage to disguise the soldiers with the help of byung Yeon and came tpo the prison. He give courage to eunch Hong to hang in there for a little while and he will make things normal to make him avoid punishment. Poor eunch Hong and Crown Prince. They both become the victim of conspiracy and didn't knew that some of the political officer will take over this matter for the King and conspiracy with the Qing of evoy.

 crown prince meet ra on in the prison  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

Eunch Hong was released from the prison and planned to send with the envoy of Qing as the friendship gift to settle out the matter. We were angry and the crown Prince showed up he again pull out his sward and create a fuss. It was all his act to make time for Byung Yun who was preparing something with Yoon Sung.

Things become more of compliacted and a hovac was made every one was watching the crown Prince action how he favored a lowly trainee eunch. As soon as crown Prince saw Byung Yun signal he was relaxed. The premier came with the soldiers and ordered soldiers to take crown Prince sward.

 crown prince again put a sward on Qing to lave ra on here - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

As we knew the Crown Prince nature it wasn't easy for any one to take the things belong to him. Same happen here, Byung Yung withthe help of Yoon Sung reveal the true face of the Qing envoy infront of anothe Qing envoy senior whom they secretly approach and tell them about the illegal smugling of sulphur & bulls horn.

We were happy the things turned out well. Yoon Sung translated in chinese to the investigators he called from the Qing dynasty.

 crown prince with the help of Byung Yun & Yoon Sung show the real face of Qing to their investigators - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

Finally the Crown Prince made his promise come true he was able to save eunch Hong from leaving the border. It was all due to hard work of Byung Yun and the cooperation of Yoong Sung. We were touched by their efforts so was eunch Hong. Crown Princ was now relaxed as he saw eunch Hong save and alive. Byung Yun bought the horse and shoes and they were back for the capital. The episode ends here.

 crown prince save ra on and take her to the palace, horse riding  - Love in The Moonlight - Episode 6 Review

Our Thoughts:

It was really tense watching this episode as we hate the politics and cospiracy. Poor eunch Hong become the victim of it all he was trying to protect the Crown Prince but his life end up at the danger being exposed and loosing the women's virtue.

Crown Prince step in to save the eunch and things become more complicated and hard we never expect it would went to the political verge of saving one country by sending the lowly eunch to the other country.

The three of the friend Yoon Sung, Byung Yun and Crown Prince make efforts and turned things to bring back eunch Hong safely. Really things in the ancient time were too complicated to pass by and avoid specially the politics and the political conspiracy for once benefit the poor got sacrifices for no reason.

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