It was really bad for Na Ri she got fired and lost his one and only weather forecaster Job. We feel sad for her. Hwa Shin express his f...

Hospital Encounter - Jealousy Incarnate - Ep 3 Review - Our Thoughts

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Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

It was really bad for Na Ri she got fired and lost his one and only weather forecaster Job. We feel sad for her. Hwa Shin express his feelings for Na Ri's weather forecast but it was too late he got rejected coldly by her. He couldn't bear the rejection knowing Na Ri was fire. He came looking for the director seeing him Hwa Shin burst out in anger what's the reason Na Ri was being fired and show them the highest rating after today's weather forecast.

While leaving the station Na Ri saw Jung Won who was talking to her fiance. She wished what if she was wearing that dress she wouldn't have been fire from her job.

 hwa shin shout at director for firing na ri when she got the higest rating for the weather forecast - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

She came to drink alone just to release the stress and humiliation she felt while she got fired. Jung Won followed him, he wanted to console her not knowing she got fired. But Na Ri refuse his company saying she want to stay alone.

She ask him to sponsor her clothes. Poor Na Ri life was too hard on her. The more she struggle the more she was pushed back.

 jung won wantto give company when na ri was drinking alone soju - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

After getting too drunk now she wanted to go home but there wasn't any taxi. Hwa Shin on his way saw Na Ri acting all drunk on the road. He stopped his car and Na Ri enter in saying Ajusshi please go to Shinwol 2 dong. It was a funny scene Na Ri think Hwa Shin the Taxi driver. We enjoyed her acting a lot.

Hwa Shin was driving too roughly that Na Ri felt more dizzy and was about to throw up. Hwa Shin told her if she threw in the car she would be charge a fine of $150 and she also had to clean the car. Moreover he will not going to drive this car for the one whole day.

 na ri sit in hwa shin car thinking its a taxi  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

It was another funniest scene where the taxi driver took Na Ri home, we laughed and laughed. But it wasn't so Na Ri all along knew it  was Hwa shin not a taxi driver, what if she told him that he wouldn't let her ride in the car.

Hwa Shin bing all arrogant and caring being at the same moment ask Na Ri what she even wearing? and then lend her his coat Omo too romantic. Kim Rak along was taking Bpal gang home with Chi Yeol & Dae Goo, they happen to saw Na Ri coming with  a man. It was surprised for them because it was Na Ri's first time coming home with a man.

 hwa shin told na ri you are lucky the taxi driver walking you home - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

Hwa shin after dropping Na Ri home was coming back and came across Kim rak who was giving the piggy bag to his niece. Bpal Gang happen to saw her uncle Hwa Shin and hide her face so he may not recognize her. Then it was a flash back scene which shows what made bpal gang avoid and hate her uncle Lee hwa Shin.

Chi Yeol the caring brother ask Na Ri the reason why she wanted to become an announcer. The answer amazed us she replied the announcers have the permanent job and also have blue straps on their employee ID. She hide the fact that she was being fired from her job. It was she don't want to hurt her little brother.

 na ri told her brother she wanted to become the announcer as they have the permanent job - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

Hwa Shin had the examination at the hospital. H was too confused and was shy also thinking that every body is looking at him as he is the well known announcer.  He might not become the victim of the gossip that he is suffering from breast cancer.

While one of the staff member took Hwa Shin chest examination, it was too painful for him to bear we laughed and scared at the same moment when the chest was pressed by some kind of machine to check the body status so these think happen this way making us scared  all along.

 hwa shin breast check up in the hospital - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

Hwa Shin was feeling lonely so he called Jung Wo. Both had a great time playing video games  and drinking while talking about the past. We come to knew that there was some girl who played with both of them at the same time. She also kissed both the friends saying it was her first kiss and now was getting married.
It was the hilarious and embarrassing situation for both the friends who got robed off their first kiss by the same girl. Currently both were unaware that it will going to do a love triangle again and they will fall for the same girl Na Ri.

jung won and hwa shin talk about a girl who was dating both of them in th epast and her first kiss with them  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

Na Ri was asleep when her brother gave her the phone saying take your call. It was Jung Won the complainer who called Na Ri early in the morning and remind her of the promise she made about the special weather forecast. At first Na Ri was surprised but she remember her promise so she came out of her room and gave a little news about today's weather. In the end Jung Won ask her to meet for coffee but she refuse saying she is too busy and had plans. After this call the caller become a pervert.

jung won call na ri to remind her give him the special weather forecast for 1 week  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

Hwa Shin treat producer & Director at a traditional noodle resturant. They were eating so deliciously my mouth watered and i wish i could eat the same noodles. After the treat Hwa Shin came to the point that he wanted to do the audition for 9pm news anchor so for this he will be doing interviews. He also come to knew that before the auditions they will have to submit their medical reports. This makes him too worried as of his career was in the midst of danger.

hwa shin wante dto do the audition for 9pm news anchor but it reveal every one has to submit their medical reports  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

Na Ri came for her weekly checkup. The female doctor suggest her to get the surgery. It happen to be the same doctor Na Ri and Hwa Shin consulting. We thought they might bump here and will make a fuss to keep the secret or fall for each other. On of the two things might happen at the hospital.

  the doctor suggest na ri for the breast surgery - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

After Na Ri step out the next patient was Hwa Shin. The doctor directly told him that he had the breast cancer and lumps were found in the breast. He need to be operated as soon as possible. This makes Hwa Shin almost worried to death. He was worried that the surgery will left a scar on his body, he won't be able to wear his favourite shirt neither can do sports and excercise. The most dangerous thought no women will going t o marry him.

He talk to the doctor he had an audition at the end of the month before that if it could possible to get rid of the disease. He react so quickly and make the decision the doctor that doctor should perform the surgery around the part of his chest nipple and make a mark on the breast sample he found at the table.  

 hwa shin has breast cancer he need a surgery  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

Na Ri decided to go n with the surgery and told his brother that she will on a business trip on few days. She hide the truth because she don't want him to make him worried. She came and git admitted at the hospital. The room she was assigned to stay had already a patient.

My sister points may be its Hwa Shin there, but id didn't agree with her. Na Ri change all her clothes one by on and turn on the tv. While doing all the thing she was talking to the other patient but didn't get any reply she then turn on the Tv it was news time, seems SBS channel from where she got fired she suddenly switched it and the climax.

 na ri changing the clothes in the room and hwa shin was behind the curtain in the same room  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 3 Review - Hospital Encounter

The other patient told her don't switch the channel. It was the male voice she got scared and jump off the bed. The patient move the curtains OMG my sister was right it was non other than Hwa Shin. He was sharing the same room as the patient. The episode ends here.

Our Thoughts:

We feel pity for Na Ri, her life was too hard. Moreover she become the prey of the setup by the junior and got fired from her job. She didn't told any one even her brother she don't want to her and give burden to him as he was the caring one. All she wanted to take all the burden on her shoulders more over she was suffering from breast disease. The doctor suggest for the surgery.

Jung Won started to take interest in Na Ri. Some how he was disguising himself as a fan and a complainer for Na Ri's weather forecast.

On the other hand Hwa Shin in not time also become too pityful. The doctor reveal that he has a breast cancer, it was too shocking for him as his career was on the werge. He was also suggest for the surgery. Both Na Ri and Hwa Shin end up sharing the same room as the patients. Hope too see a beautiful chemistry between them in further episodes.

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