We couldn't wait to watch episode 9 and leaving all our daily task aside we were ready to watch what happened after it rained in Goreyo...

The Aggressive Kiss - Moon Lover Ryeo - Ep 9 Review (Our Thoughts)

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We couldn't wait to watch episode 9 and leaving all our daily task aside we were ready to watch what happened after it rained in Goreyo. Every one was happy and enjoying the rain. Baek Ah talking to Wang Jung the 14th Prince may be he used cosmetic to hide the scar, what ever that is a hero has already born and been chosen by the heaven and we are happy that he is non other then our 4th brother.

4th king and hae soo aggressive kiss - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

The 8th prince Wang Woo happen to listen Baek Ah conversation and thought it might be Hae Soo who helped him using the cosmetics to hide the scar. The 4th Prince take a rid ein the rain the people in the town were grateful for him for bringing the rain and was enjoying a lot. As for Hae soo she was now worried what if the 4th Prince will become King Gwangjong of Goreyo he will kill all his brothers she warn 8th prince to be aware you have to be safe.

 it rained in goreyo and hae soo blame herself because of her 4th prince will become king gwangjong - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

Now the conspirator other and son were pulling out their anger on each other but nothing to do the arrow already left the bow and hit its target right. Thing won't change the king Taejo was all happy and for the first time in life he praised Prince Wang Soo looking on his face and pat his shoulders.

Hae Soo feel guilty because of her now the other people will pay the price then the second thought the history has already been written there is no need to worry about nothing will change. The 8th prince ask Hae Soo it was she who helped the 4th prince with the makeup.

She then came and ask Ji Mong ask about the future of Goreyo and got a very complicated answer that let the things go with the flow she shouldn't need to worry about it.

th eking praise 4th prince, queen yoo slap 3rd prince and 8th prince told hae soo it rained and now king will grand wish  - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

On the way back she was suddenly pulled by someone and bumped into other persons chest seeing who it was she was surprisingly shock. It was the 4th Prince Wang So who was over jolly happy as being acknowledge by the king as his son for the 1st time in life. She didn't want the 4th prince to notice she is scared of him she just made it all happened so sudden she couldn't able to think what had happened. So that's why she become a little scared.

The 4th prince was all happy like a little child and shared his happiness with Hae Soo. for the first time i called the king father and got praised by him also no one says i am scary neither they call me a beast. Looking at the 4th Prince innocent face Hae Soo was thinking how can a person with a kind heart become cruel all of a sudden.

 hae soo bumped into 4th Prince chest and she wonder this cute child in future become all cruel - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

The next day King announce the gifts for everyone he came to see the prince and appreciate that they all are working hard. He wanted to give 4th Prince Songak Land to build a house and also some farm land in reward to bring the rain in Goreyo. But he refused and demand something else, we were surprised so was every one he request the king to give him Damiwon court lady Hae Soo.

At first we though the king would refuse but he accept the request and promoted Hae Soo as the assistant Court lady of Damiwon and grant the 4th Prince Wish. Here again the 8th Prince was one step behind the 4th Prince. What ever he think and want to do for Hae soo the 4th Prince implement it practically. My sister was too overjoyed when the 4th Prince able to recognize Hae Soo as one of his people from the king.

 4th prince ask hae soo from king to be his person - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

Secondly the King announce the 10th Prince wedding which he planned with General Park So Kyung daughter Sun Duk. The 10th Prince refuse to go with this marriage and in return king told him then die instead of refusing the proposal you make your father ashamed, that's how the kings use to blackmail his sons and gain power by marrying off according to his will.

He agreed to go with the death rather then getting married and received a scolding from Crown Prince. Nothing could helped and he ended up agreeing and thanking King Taejo for his benevolence kindness.

 king announce 10th prince wedding with sun duk - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

It was a funny scene the wife to be of the 10th Prince Sun duk who was a warrior solider was having a fight game with the 14th Prince Wang Jung and beat him. she got the victory and was happy shouting the 14th prince was all happy after got beaten by the sister in law he teased the 10th Prince sister in law is a good fighter she can beat any man and the 10th prince was annoyed that he is just marrying a great solider.

10th prince saw sun duk beat up the 14th prince and become annoyed i am marrying a solider  - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

It was the second encounter of Prince Baek Ah with Woo Hee an arrogant lady who whenever see him scold him for reaching of the poors and having a luxurious life. She was practicing a sward Dance and happen to listen Beak Ah beautiful music. She came and wanted to knew who is playing the music seeing Baek Ah her arrogant colors again showed up. They both end up arguing Baek Ah with the friendly nature lets introduce each other and we won't have to misunderstand each other.
Her introduce him self as Baek Ah but she didn't believe  saying if your Baek Ah i am one of your attendant and refuse to dance for him. She left and leave one of the beautiful accessory behind, Baek Ah posses it and thinking he will give it back the next they meet.

 Woo hee sward dance on baek ah music in jungle - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

The 8th Prince couldn't keep his promise and loose the chance to ask the king let Hae So leave the palace. Hae So prepared a gift for the 8th prince and it was beautiful embroidered pillow he was happy to receive a gift and told Hae Soo that he also bought something for her and it was the memories from the last snow.

The 8th Prince draw those memories by himself and ask Hae Soo to wait a little bit and they will both walk together when it snow again. This drawing book remind us when we use to draw cartoons with every moment and step and play friends same the 8th prince did for Hae soo.

hae soo gift a pillow to 8th prince and he give her a memory book which had drawing of them walking in the snow  - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

Sun Dul request Hae Soo to talk with the 10th Prince and she will be good to her and willingly accept her as the second wife. We were surprised to see this boldness and straightforwardness Sun Dul showed that it doesn't matter you can be the second wife but please make the 10th Prince come to the wedding.

Hae Soo talk to him and some how manage to make the 10th Prince came out of the room every one was happy and thanked Hae Soo for her efforts.

 sun duk ask hae soo to bring 10th Prince to the wedding you can be the 2nd wife - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

The marriage went well and it was a gathering where all the prince were giving the gifts to the newly wed couples. Sun Duk the new bride was generously accepting their gifts. My sister personally like the 4th prince gift that he gave a fruit tree as the wedding gift and it was a unique gift ever heard of. Seeing all of them together and happy Hae soo again happen to see future vision of 4th Prince Wang Soo who to safe his position as king Gwangjong of Goreyo killed 10th Prince and his wife.

 sun duk & 10th prince wedding and hae soo saw a future vision of 4th prince will kill 10th prince and his wife - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

After performing the ritual for the rain the 4th King Wang Soo received lot of love and appreciation. It was a surprise which was hard to digest the Queen Yoo become and angel and invite the 4th Prince for family Dinner. We couldn't believe this dinner to be a simple without any conspiracy of interest and it come out as we expected.

Queen Yoo order the 4th Prince to kill the Crown Prince the atmosphere after listening thsi got all ruined, the 4th Prince and the 14h prince didn't expect such a thing at a family dinner. But what to do it was queen Yoo who can go to the verge to claim and make things happen according to her will.

The 4th Prince refused saying why would i kill the crown Prince i ll take it as i heard nothing. How can be a mother so cruel and witchy to his own son and make him kill people just for the throne for her elder son the 3rd Prince. The 4th Prince left and and the 14th prince was also annoyed by Queen Yo he take out his anger saying how could you ask him to murder a person at a family dinner. Though he was the youngest but was more sensible then her mother and the 3rd prince.

queen yoo call 4th prince on a dinner and ask to murder crown prince  - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

This meeting make the 4th Prince all upset and heart broken and he need someone to reply on. He happen to find Hae Soo and hugged her from the back which scared Hae Soo. She was already suffering from the tension and the future visions and was stressed out. her reaction made the 4th Prince all a lonely child who was requesting not to be afraid of him he didn't do anything to be treated as an animal.

But of now Hae Soo become careful of her words and action after seeing the future visions. te 4th Prince couldn't stand Hae Soo's behaviour and shouted how can you ignore me you are my person, you belong  to m. But Hae Soo refused that she isn't belong to his Highness. 4th Prince all his anger out and told Hae Soo that she belongs to him she is the one who touched his face so he can't leave him nor she can die without his permission.

 4th prince wang so aggressive kiss with hae soo first kiss  - Moon Lover Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Episode 9 - Review

And the 4th Prince Wang So didn't only use words to burst his anger out but aggressively kiss Hae Soo to show her that she practically, physically now belongs to him. Hae Soo resist but couldn't stand the power of the 4th Prince and let her go with the flow as Ji Mong already told her not tried to change and avoid things.

It was the first kiss of the 4th Prince Wang Soo with the court Lady Hae Soo. Though it was a romantic scene but it started with the Prince aggressiveness and ended up a lonely winner. The episode ends after a long deep kiss and we are curious off Hae Soo's and the 4th Prince reaction after the sun rise. To Knew about it will have to wait for a week till then have a happy kdrama watching and we will be back soon.

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