After Hwa Shin set Na Ri with Jung Won to go out the story become more of interesting. Jung Won take it seriously and proposed Na Ri to...

Just be Good to Her - Jealousy Incarnate - Ep 8 Review (Our Thoughts)

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na ri grab hwa shin chest at the station - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

After Hwa Shin set Na Ri with Jung Won to go out the story become more of interesting. Jung Won take it seriously and proposed Na Ri to date him. Aside this he was also curious why Na Ri argued with Hwa Shin over 10 and 20 Dollars. But with Na Ri's reply he couldn't undestand what actually was important the argument fight or the money.

 jung won ask na ri to being possed for him - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

When Jung Won came back to the dorms Hwa Shin was all curious to knew what was Na Ri's reply and ask Jung Won what he thinks of Na ri the reason of his interest. He was surprised to knew they both happen to meet on the flight to Thailand and Jung won falls for Na Ri at first sight.

Jung Won was curious about what Na Ri's likes and dislikes also when was her past relationship. Hwa Shin beautifully change the topic and told Jung Won don't care about these things and be good to her in future. We couldn't understand Hwa Shin behaviour he was confusing us by setting Na Ri with Jung Won.

hwa shin was all curious about na ri reply to jung won for dating  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

The to of the ex wives again happen to wear the same dress and couldn't stand each other seeing like this. An argument started within the elevator which ended up revealing they both even don't like the director and we thought they might not start the fist fight again. Thank God it didn't happen and they peacefully walk out of the elevator.

 bpal gang mother both wear the same dress again - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

It was the most funniest scene of this episode. The elders all acted like the children fight for a seat to come up first. It all started after Bpal Gangs end up at police station last night. Both mothers decided to live with Bpal Gang and take care of her so was for Hwa Shin. He also wanted to be the guardian of Bpal Gang.

The moving company bought their luggage and it become hard to move the luggage the two of them was shouting to take their stuff up quickly they will pay three times of the actual amount. Hwa Shin was all trying to stop them moving to Bpal Gang place but nothing worked expect the spilled fermented Kimchi which happen to be a stop sign for their childish behavior.

 bpal gang mothers and hwa shin fight at kim rak pasta for shifting and living with bpal gang - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

Finally Na Ri make Jung Won to be his sponsor for weather forecast outfits. Jung Won call Na Ri and  take her size. He acted all naughty and tuned it into a romantic scene while taking Na Ri's size. I wish i could have this handsome tailor and will willingly give my size more than 100 times ehehe.

 jung won take the size for na ri outfit  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

Jung Won prepared a raw dress in Royal blue color for Na Ri just to check if it fits or not. Na Ri was looking awesomly gorgeous slim and more skinny. In the end Jung Won whispered Na Ri not to leave his sight from now on. It was an indirect confession that JunG Won won't let her go no matter what.

jung won make a beautiful blue dress for na ri weather broadcast - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

As Na Ri had a nos nature and some times become more of clingy she couldn't help herself when saw Hwa Shin at the station and started arguing why isn't he getting the radiation treatment. It was another scene which was a bit funny and seems to make other misunderstand of their act. Na Ri touched his chest to check if he wearing the bra or not.
We wonder how many times the retake for this scene and many other scenes happen where Na Ri had to touch Hwa Shin breast and it was sure they had a lot of laugh while filming it. But for the viewers and the co workers they misunderstand Na Ri this act that they both are in a relationship from here the root of rumors started to take place. Did Na Ri actually Lee Hwa Shin by seducing him or they both are already dating and having an intimate relationship which made na Ri to touch Hwa Shin's chest.

 na ri grab hwa shin chest and some weather forecaster saw them and spread the rumor they are dating- Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

Finally Na Ri made Hwa Shin to agree and have the radiation treatment. On the way Hwa Shin again wanted ti skip the visit and ask Na Ri to have a meal with him. Listening this N ari act all sturbbon and their fight arguments started. We never expect Na Ri would pull Hwa Shin's hairs like this poor Hwa Shin, but we think she was comfortable doing all sort of things with Hwa Shin. In the end she made Hwa Shin end up for the check up at the hospital.

na ri pull hwa shin hairs and take him to the hospital for the radiation treatment  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

It was very hard for Hwa Shin to go alone for the radiation treatment. The doctor was understanding and helpful and as Na Ri was friendly they plan to use Na Ri's name to treat Lee Hwa Shin and made Hwa Shin to act like Na Ri's guardian.

Hwa Shin looking so adorable when hold Na Ri's pinky as to walk in the room for the treatment and every body there gossiping how the boyfriend to take his girl for the treatment. He even hold her bag.

 hwa shin took the radiation treatment under the name of na ri he also grab na ri pinky and her bag- Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

Jung Won's fiance who was also an announcer there happen to meet with Hwa Shin. She gave the condolence money sying she couldn't make possible to come to the funeral. Here Hwa Shin came to knw Jung Won is already engaged now he was all seriously worried for Na Ri that without knowing he set her up with Jung Won.

hwa shin when knew jung won is engaged he called him and told he didn't trust him while jung won having lunch with na ri  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

It was episode 8 and we wonder there wasn't any second female lead but actually the second female lead appear and it happen to be 7pm news female newscaster. She was also preparing for 9 pm news auditions like Hwa Shin and his both ex sister in laws.

She propose Hwa Shin boldly to date her while they were having a drink together. We wonder what made her this confident. Hwa Shin act normally and treat her like a nobody yaay. He didn't let his guards down to make the female control over him.

 female newscaster hit ion hwa shin while drinking and ask him to date because he is the only one who treat her like no body- Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

It was an office dinner and Na Ri was worried for Hwa Shin as having radiation treatment h can't eat pork belly meat nor drink or smoke, it will injurious and make things worse for his health. So she stood up and acted as Black rose knight for Hwa Shin. Her act was all weird and every collague was noticing but she didn't let Hwa Shin to had a single drop of drink.

 na ri take all the drinks instead of hwa shin at the office gathering as hwa shin takeing the radiation treatment- Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

Seeing this the director ask Hwa Shin he didn't had the drink but now he has to sing for them. But it was Na Ri's turn no body was listening and paying attention towards Na Ri Hwa Shin feels really bad and stand with Na Ri to sing. His act put another suspicion on the rumors for their dating.

Na Ri was about to throw up and couldn't stand concious Hwa Shin give her the piggy back to the droms. It seems Hwa Shin started to take care for Na Ri seriously but the train leftthe tstaion already and he feel why he set up Na Ri with Jung Won.

hwa shin piggy back ride to na ri to the dorms - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

Na Ri was all drunk but couldn't had the piece of mind as she had to woke up early in the morning. Seeing Na Ri's situation Hwa Shin pat her shoulders saying don't worry i ll wake you up. OMG how caring and romantic he was. But the time was gone to do things and make Na Ri happy. Still Hwa Shin did his best and cared for her. He stayed  with Na Ri and also got a nap. The episode ends here.

hwa shin pat na ri's shoulders and take a nap in her dorm  - Jealousy Incarnate - Episode 8 Review

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