W the story of two world become more of complicated as well as interesting after the killer showed up the plane. He was full of anger ask...

An Open challenge to Chul in Webtoon World W - Ep 9 Review - Our Thoughts

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W the story of two world become more of complicated as well as interesting after the killer showed up the plane. He was full of anger asking writer Sung Moo to give him a face and identity. It look like a game character which one want to end his mission not matter what but the character refuse the ending demanding the identity.

Kang chul with yeon joo - W - Episode 9 Review

At W's editor office there was an emergency after the staff find one of the member suspiciously got killed. It wasn't only one but three people lost their lives. The with his act messed up the real world with worries. Soo Bong told Yeon Joo's mother how she disappear from the car and its dangerous there. For her its was hard to believe what's Soo Bong was talking about. She drove the car and found Yeon Joo who was unconscious lying in that burning car.  

 yeon jo mother find her in the car drawing something - W - Episode 9 Review

As of the plane incident Writer Sung Moo was all worried for Yeon Joo and head back to Seoul. On the way to the house he check Soo Bong's messages and come to view that 4 episode of W had been released with in one night.

He came to meet Yeon Joo she was asleep. He saw the wedding ring in her hand which makes her more worried as of Yeon Joo safety.

yeon jo father cam back to seoul- W - Episode 9 Review

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He remember the webtoon where Chul gave Yeon Joo a USB  for writer Sung Moo. He manage to find, it was a document and some suggestions by chul for W's happy ending.

 sung moo read the document fron the usb given by kang chul - W - Episode 9 Review

The professor yelled at Yeon Joo why she is wearing a ring as she had to perform the surgery. It was his usual behavior but Yeon Joo become too much sensitive. She took off the ring and it dropped out of her hand. She followed the ring and bump into Chul. OMG she again went into webtoon world.

But unfortunately everything was change. Chul memories were erased he didn't recognize Yeon Joo and walked away with Do Yoon. This make Yeon Joo more grived and she started crying. It was the moment she was back to the real world.

yeon jo drop her ring and find near by kang chul feet - W - Episode 9 Review

Finally writer Sung Moo make a decision for W's happy ending. He wrote drafts and make a sketch about the killer. It was to give him the identity and an end to W. He called So Bong to the office he refused to work at the cartoonist from now on, he was too scared to the incident happen later. After listening that writer Sung Moo wants to end it and needs his help he agreed to go with it.

We were surprised to see the killer is actually writer Sung Moo infact the writer gave his face to the killer. It was also to make Chul belive and a simple and to the story he creayted which went into mess. In the webtoon world chul along with the producer and Do yoon became active to catch the killer. They were finally catch him on the camera Chul recognize "he knew this man ... he was the one who stabed him on the rooftop".

kang chul and detectives capture the image of the killer - W - Episode 9 Review

Yeon Jo was at the hospital watching webtoon W. She called So Bong after the Professor told him about W , the killer revealed and look like your father its amazing the writer gave his face to the killer. Chul is back to action and everything is really awesome.

So Bong told Yeon jo how they will take a step to end W with a hppy ending nothing to worry about all will go well. They will make a story Chul will catch the killer and come to knew why his family got killed.

  police catch killer of kang chul family- W - Episode 9 Review

The story wasn't that simple as they plan to end it with the happy ending So Bong ask writer Sung Moo there will be flaws who going to kill him is chul be the one to kill the killer. The writer Sung Moo replied No if Chul Kill the killer it wasn't a happy ending, someone else will kill the killer and desguise it as a suicide.

The other killer will the prosecutor Han Cheol ho in charge of Chul's case back then. All he wanted to secure his position. He was up to presidential election. The person he hire to make fake will was also betrayed him and reveal everything via a talkshow. It will be a happy ending after prosecutor pay off for his crimes.

 the webtoon killer killed by the congressman - W - Episode 9 Review

Yeon Jo was curious about Chul, she ask will he going to marry Soo Hee. Soo Bong replied no will just show things will go well between them. Yeon Joo was feeling too lonely she told So Bong what she did, she didn't had a picture of chul.
She bought the webtoon novels and cut all her and chul pictures to keep them as her memory of happ time. We smile there are people world who become crazy over small things which means nothings to others. Yeon Joo mother after seeing those creepy webtoon pictures scold her sying "its time to put your real boyfriends picture over here ".

 kang chul, soo he a happy ending , yeon jo cut the pictures of kang and her  from the webtoon book - W - Episode 9 Review

After doing the daily duty hours at the hospital Yeon joo was all tired and want to rest a bit. She was crying by putting W book on her face an announcement "Code black code black" its an emergency. All the doctors who aren't on duty come to the emergency room.

She ran out and now was in webtoon world. We were surprised when chul can't recognize her nor remember any thing of their relation. Still Yeon Joo was getting dragged in his world. She surprised to see Soo Hee, chul and others couldn't get what's happen. She saw the news there the killer appears at W recording program and kill many people on the set.

 w recording program many injured atthe hospital yeon jo appear in webtoon world- W - Episode 9 Review

Chul grab her hand and yelled if your are a doctor what are you doing there please do something she got shot in her leg. Yeon Joo picked the first aid thing to help out the patient. She was all sad and grived which make chul notice her. He saw the wedding ring in the necklace and remember her. He ask " Why  do you keep looking at me like that? ". All he was curious for something but didn't knew what it was. He might missing Yeon Joo but her memories were erased.

Soo Bong bought dinner and call writer Sung Moo but couldn't get a response. He went to check in the office and find him asleep over computer screen. He got scared when heard are you soo bong the words appear, it was a voice who want Soo Bong to help him. Writer Sung Moo wake up Soo Bong screamed seeing his face, he was deadly scared. Writer Sung Moo's face was gone and he was asking Soo Bong to help him "my face disappeared , save me .... he took my face".

 killer took sung moo face - W - Episode 9 Review

At this moment we were also scared as of what will happen to Soo Bong now. Already yeon Joo, writer Sung Moo were the victim who were dragged in W's world and their life's were in danger due to the killer exist.

As the ending was planned for W by the Writer and Kang Chul thing started to happen in W's world. But they didn't happen the way it was planned. The killer who had writer Sung Moo's face appeared at this recording studio of W and shoot many peoples also he open challenge to Kang Chul come and find me, its not that easy to come over me, "you were looking for me so desperately so i came .. Now its your turn to come find me". he shoot all the cameras so no body could capture how he disappeared.

 webtoon killer give an open challange to Kang chul- W - Episode 9 Review

A screen appeared and the killer went through it. It was sure he will appear every time when needed to proceed the story. Yeon Joo seeing all this was shocked, she didn't imagine the killer would have his face and identity. The episode ends here. As for us now we are all curious to knew where the killer went to hide. Will Kang chul now able to follow the clue killer left and catch him.

How Yeon Joo head back to her world, also what connection she had now with W's world to come and go. Stay tuned with us to knew what will going to happen in episode 10. Till then have a happy kdrama watching. We will be back with another kdrama review.

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