It was really a happy time watching W. At the same moment we were travelling in three worlds. All though the story was about the two worl...

The Killer Exist in Webtoon World W - Ep 8 Review - Our Thoughts

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It was really a happy time watching W. At the same moment we were travelling in three worlds. All though the story was about the two worlds. The story changed as to be continued because there an end to be needed. The end wasn't actually the end neither Yeon Joo wanted it nor the main character Chul accepted. Yeon Joo was in Chul's world as his wife. She was too happy we wish all this to be real for both of them.

The Killer Exist - W - Episode 8 Review

Chul prepared fancy dresses for her as she wanted to experience Parties. The dresses were too beautiful Yeon jo was confused to choose. Chul help her saying "for your information ... i like exposing dresses".

 yeon joo and kang chul select the party dress - W - Episode 8 Review

The killer exist and it appear in real world. But he was without identity. There wasn't any face of him, neither he has a sense of guilt, crime or killing.

He only appears when needed in the story and disappear after finishing his task. He was only created to finish Chul's family but why was he still wondering and giving threats to chul we wonder there must be something. Chul was all worried after the killer call and told about his new motive.

 kang chul thinking and writing about killer - W - Episode 8 Review

Yeon Jo after getting ready came to Chul's room. She was looking too beautiful in the tea pink dress as if she is the cinderella. Chul ask her is there any way you can go back? We wonder why ignoring this beautiful moment he is asking a way to send her back. Suddenly a bullet of no where hit Yeon Jo's head. It was like Chul's family got murdered.

We were shocked if Yeon jo is dead now how ill the story continued. But Thanks God it was chul's illusion as of the killer threat.  He hugged Yeon Joo for staying alive and save.

yeon jo hit by a bullet - W - Episode 8 Review

They went for the party Yeon Jo was too confused and happy along with Chul. They received a warm welcome. Both did a ballet Chul was totally into Yeon Joo's charm suddenly she tripped her foot and fell down ehehehehe. It was her dream and she fell from the bed. But a nice dream she wanted it to be real.

 yeon jo and kang chul party dance- W - Episode 8 Review

Chul wanted to do things for Yeon Jo to make her happy. He decided to cook something for her but got confused searching thing we smile when Chul open the oven to search ramyeon. Yeon Joo help her finding and making the ramyeon while cutting the onions Yeon Jo cut her finger and its started to bleed.

Chul become shocked how could you bleed "This mean if a bullet hit you .. you will die". As Chul was worried and shock Yeon Jo was also surprised seeing why its bleeding. As Yeon Jo was the imortal character in Chul's world she an't bleed but it happened so that means she started to become the main character of W and existing in chul's world.

The sign "to be continued" appears and Yeon Jo was back to the real world.

 yeon jo came back to the real world after she cut her finger- W - Episode 8 Review

Soo Hee called Chul and was crying she couldn't understand what's happening to her, why her hand and legs are disappearing. Hearing this Chul remember what Do Yoon mention earlier about So Hee. Also he remember the chat with the producer to end "W" means the purpose of the story W ends and the characters starting to disappear.

 soo hee started to disappear- W - Episode 8 Review

Yeon Joo at the hospital was reading W's webtoon story and thinking "Have i become the real cartoon character after marrying Chul? " she also come to knew about killer's call and threat to chul about Yeon Joo's life.

On the way to So Hee's house Chul was thinking how the killer exist he must have followed him to the real world and couldn't manage to came back. He was also worried for Yeon Joo's safety as the killer stopped W's ending saying " how can this be the ending ".

 killer in the real world exist- W - Episode 8 Review

Yeon Jo at his fathers house receives a call of the killer who wanted to know about Yeon joo who is Sung Moo's daughter and Chul's wife. From here the story become more thrilling as the killer already killed one of the assistant at publisher office and was now after Yeon Joo.

After this call Yeon Joo was all worried she woke Soo Bong and told her to hurry up we have to leave from here. Soo Bong couldn't get what's on to her as they came out and was on there the killer appeared and target Yeon Joo's head. But she disappeared and Soo Bong was all scared by himself and ran out of the car.

 yeon joo get a call from killer and she almost hit by a bullet- W - Episode 8 Review

Yeon Joo was back to Chul's world and find herself sitting beside chul in the car. Chul was surprised to see her and become worried. She was sweating all scared. She told Chul about the killer who shoot at her.

Soo Bong nearly got to hit by a car it was Yeon Joo's mother who was searching Yeon Joo and couldn't get to contact her. The killer appears in Sun moo's house and found he will be back in Seoul on 15 August. We wonder what will be killer's next step, will he wait for writer Sung Moo to head back or ind himself the way to W's world.

 yeon back to the webtoon world in chul's car - W - Episode 8 Review

At the plane a fan ask writer Sun Moo the autograph and was curious about W's ending and sequence as well. Sung Moo was running a way from W but couldn't do so. He went to use the washroom and the killer appears with the question "Who are you?", "Who m i ?", "Why aren't you telling me who i am ?" we were surprised and the writer was scared.

At first we thought its just the voice and the wording the next moment the killer attack Sung Moo trying to strangle his neck. The air hostess heard some strange voice and ask is everything alright? We were wondering what if he killed the writer how will the story of W continue?

 killer ask sung moo to help him get his identity- W - Episode 8 Review

Chul along with Yeong Joo was at Soo Hee's house but she wasn't opening the door. Yeon Joo helped telling her the door password. Chul saw Soo Hee disappearing little by little he grab her hand saying "Its all right nothing happened .. you are still the closest person to me" and Soo Hee stopped disappearing it means the characters which are needed in the story can't disappear.

Soo hee was under stress Yeon Joo feels sorry for her saying "I forgot she that was the main female lead character .. but because of me she is suffering". Chul finally said "Its a horrible fate your father created". We feel pity for all these characters life which got messed up due to some creations.

chul with yeon joo at soo hee place  - W - Episode 8 Review

Its not only us who were feeling sorry but also Yeon Joo, she was having the feeling of guilt toward Chul and Soo Hee. She was talking to herself "All she wanted was a happy ending". Chul write a document in his mobile phone for Writer Sung Moo.

After they were back to the pent house Chul told Yeon Joo he wanted to have a fresh air. On the rooftop he gave Yeon a USB saying give it to your father i have suggested an end to W hope it will help to make things better and back to their places.

 chul ask yeon jo to draw something like he is waking from a dream and jump off the building - W - Episode 8 Review

He also request Yeon Joo to draw a scene where is waking up from a long dream and then he suddenly step back and jump of the building.

It was his sudden act neither Yeon Joo nor us expecting this. All we were worried what will going to happen to his life? Yeon Joo was back and Chul was in the hospital where he woke up. It was the scene back then after he got stabbed on the rooftop.

 yeon draw and take everything back to when they didn't meet  - W - Episode 8 Review

Yeon Joo was looking at the webtoon and crying as if she had lost the most dare thing of her life. The episode ends here with lot of tears and unsoved mystery of W's world along why Yeon Joo's is being dragged and become the main character. Its all for now a happy kdrama watcing. Stay tuned for episode 9 review.

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