We started to watch W episode 11 a story with in the story and with in the story. It was too complicated but didn't loose our atten...

Destined to Meet - The Two Worlds - Webtoon W - Ep 11 Review - Our Thoughts

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W - Episode 11 Review - Destined to Meet

We started to watch W episode 11 a story with in the story and with in the story. It was too complicated but didn't loose our attention a bit. Neither we catch up what's in writer's mind. The opening scene where Yeon Jo kiss Kang Chul and it worked. She was back in the real world.

Thinking that what if Chul forgets her might his heart or mind may remember her touch. This coming back and going forth was like we were riding on W rollar coaster where the heart beat was out of control. When Yeon Joo came to his fathers house and finds some body stole the face. It was really horrifying specially at the moment where Yeon Joo try to take the computer screen and someone grab her hand.

 Yeon Talk to Soo bong about her father stolen face - W - Episode 11 Review

We wonder why is there so misfortune in kang's life? Yeon Joo tried to help him and saved from police search. She remove the hotel room door as if it never exist, also she change the car color and number to disguise the police.

 Yeon Joo remove the hotel room in webtoon - W - Episode 11 Review

As promised Yeon Joo saved Chul from being capture as a murderer. She also draw some medicines with the prescription for chul. As of she didn't knew when she will able to go back in Chul's world. When she almost finish drawing the medicines for Chul the killer tried to strangle her neck through the screen. OMG it was really terrifying what if he might kill Yeon joo or do something bad to her.

Yeon Joo draw medicine, injection and prescription for Kang Chul  - W - Episode 11 Review

But Yeon joo was too sharp she just tried to reach the screen and shutdown the computer. We were happy for her being save and the killer with his father's face was surprised what had happened why he can't control Yeon Joo.

Soo Bong came back with Yeon Joo colleague as he was scared coming alone. He was happy to see Yeon Joo save as well we. But Yeon Joo was thinking what if its the killer who is waiting for her to on the computer screen what will happen ? The next moment was a surprise for us and Yeon Joo she was dragged in Yeon' Joo world.

This time she found herself in Congressman Han Cheol's office. She tried to sneak out quietly but caught caught and had to run away. Finally she along us realize that its not only the main character who can drag Yeon Joo in W's world but anyone who is thinking of her depressly can do the same.

Yeon dragged in the webtroon by congressman han cheol - W - Episode 11 Review

She went in to a convenience store and ask about the date and find only 2 hours has been passed. She also ask about Kang Chul and come to knew he is been on run and hasn't been acught yet. That was the relieve.

She came out and and the time runs too quickly. She then again came to the store and ask the same question. She found its been a moth and there is no news regarding Chul. She went to the hotel and was surprised to see the room was missing, there wasn't any door as she draw the door disappears since then. Now she became more of worried. What if chul is alive or dead. This drives her crazy.

 Yeon was in the webtoon a month pass - W - Episode 11 Review

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Panicking she reaches out to the only person who might have the answers she needs, it was Do Yoon Chul's trusted body guard and best friend. He told her to pursue Chul to hand himself to the police, it won't be any good for him because he was caught on the scene and there is no other way to prove his innocence. Yeon Joo was happy to find Chul is alive and is living in a remote village. She went there and saw Chul.

Yeon take help from Kang chul bodyguard Do Yoon - W - Episode 11 Review

She was happy as she found her world. Chul told he was waiting for her. It was a flash back scene after we saw how Chul hands starting to disappear means the main character is no longer needed in the story.

 kang chul hand start to disappear - W - Episode 11 Review

They talk and Chul while talking Yeon says i know you don't have money and no place to go nor you know anyone here i will take you in though i also don't have enough but i owe you my life.

 kang chul told yeon joo how he survived back then - W - Episode 11 Review

It was the similar to the scene in one of the previous episode. Chul notice Yeon joo is wearing the same dress as they met 1 month before. He took her for the shopping. This time it wasn't a luxurious shopping but a shopping at a local stall market. It was a very touching scene and shows how caring chul was in person.

kang chul bought Yeon joo a dress  - W - Episode 11 Review

After Yeon Joo bought a dress Chul treat her with a icecream. These moments were also admirable. Specially when Chul want to taste how Yeon Joo icecream flavor is? He was acting as he knew Yeon Joo for a long time. Then both went to grocery shopping after eating the icecream.

kang chul and yeon joo eat the icecream and go to grocerry shopping  - W - Episode 11 Review

Chul was planning to cook for Yeon Joo. They both came back to the house that atmosphere was giving a light romantic touch. Chul was treating Yeon Joo as a wifey. Yeon Joo feels that Chul might had remember all the memories of their romantic task he had promised to full fill. Yeon Joo got suspicious that she never told anything how could he knew.

yeon jo thought kang chul memories came back so thats why he is doing the task  - W - Episode 11 Review

Chul told i read in a comic book all about you and your husband. Now Yeon Joo got shockingly surprised as well we. But thankfully we were happy that Chul gradullay start to understand how Yeon Joo feels when ever she saw him with a depressed look.

He also told he read the book many time because there wasn't anything for him to do also he forgot many things after reading the book, it seems like its a dream. There wasn't any memories he remember back then.

 kang chul read the comic book W which Yeon joo left in the webtoon  hospital - W - Episode 11 Review

It was the same book Yeon Joo left at the hospital when the emergency was announce and it happened to came to chul through a doctor who hand it to Do Yoon. Seriously thing were driving us crazy. We never imagine Chul after forgetting all about the past will going to read the incident via a comic book.

Chul also told Yeon Joo that he was waiting for her to ask if she knew about the future, what will going to happen if i surrender will it be for good? and also ask if your husband who suddenly disappeared was it me? SURPRISE shocked us. Unexpected question the episode ends here.

kang chul ask yeon jo if he is the husband she is looking for  - W - Episode 11 Review

Our Thoughts:
We were really amazed while watching the dram. The story with in the story, with in a story was beautifully skilled by the writer. Each and every detail and incident surprised us. We never able once predict what will going to happen next?

Since Yeon Joos father gave the killer his face he naturally become the killers face. His appearance was too horrifying. Also the owner writer Sung Moo lost his face how will he manage  to get back his face and turned thing as he planned to end W with the happy ending. Also Yeon Joo along Chul wants the happy ending to stop the curse and tragedy in W's world.

It was a unique ending for this episode by Chul's side who threw question for Yeon Joo. Will Chul able to prove his innocence we wonder how. The story is all twist up now as Yeon Joo is afraid to on his fathers computer screen. She feared the killer might not strangled her neck again. Also She aims to save Chul no matter what.

Other than this we have many questions in mind while watching the episode.
How will Yeon Joo father get back his face, is he now connected to killers life?
What if the killer dies what will happen to Yeon Joo's father?
Will Yeon JOo able to turn back things in Chul's life? or will she make all the events happen in W's world into a dream. So stay tuned with us to knew all about it in W episode 12 review.

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