Finally we come to watch W episode 10 and feels sad for Poor Soo Bong. Now he will also be facing all the scary, creepy and unexpected th...

Tears of Frustration - The Webtoon W - Ep 10 Review - Our Thoughts

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Finally we come to watch W episode 10 and feels sad for Poor Soo Bong. Now he will also be facing all the scary, creepy and unexpected things from W's world as of writer sung Moo and Yeon Joo.

kang chul and yeon joo kiss on bed - W - Episode 10 Review 

The evil character develop seitan feelings and take a hold over writer Sung Moo. He was controlling him after stealing his face. The plot become more and more of interesting. He was like a goblin no body was able to catch him. But he could reach any of world's characters and made them what he wanted to do.

What if the writer when first com to knew the web comic story W is sticking over him his life and his daughter he should already finished it but what made her continue was his greed that things become so twisted now. He lost his face and was under control of the character he created.

how webtoon killer took writer sung moo face and control him - W - Episode 10 Review

We feel sad for Yeon Joo as for Kang chul forgets half of the story. Still Yeon Joo was dragging in W's world. She was feeling miserable and frustrated and couldn't understand what actually is going on. First she thought Kang Chul might looking or thinking of him that's why she is here.

She was too upset after watching the news and wanted to relieve the stress she went upstairs. Same for Kang Chul both encounter their and share the Soju. We thought things might take a turn back to its place but it wasn't.

kang chul and yeon jo share the soju on the hospital rooftop - W - Episode 10 Review

When Yeon Joo wake up on the morning she though she is back to her world same for us. But it was a very complicated plot said by the original writer which confuse the viewers. She was still in W's world. What to do, where to g, how to hide and turn things to normal she didn't had a clue. She tried her best to hide herself she had to skip meals but unfortunately caught many times by the other female doctor.

 yeon jo caught by the female doctor at the hospital - W - Episode 10 Review

Its been days she came out of the hospital only she knew Soo Hee place password . She barged in there she was too hungry, it was her intention of stealing but to borrow some for time being in W's world. Unfortunately things were not comfortable and smooth for her she was caught by Kang Chul on the scene and become more of suspicious.

 Yeon joo at soo hee place and caught by Kang Chul - W - Episode 10 Review

Kangc hul was about to hnd her over to the police but she requested she wasn't trying to steal anything as she was too hungry, she didn't ate for days, let her eat the ramen. Poor and pitiful Yeon Joo.

Kang Chul felt bad for her somehow and let her have a meal. Yeon Joo has to bear all the pain by herself and couldn't do anything to put things back.

 kang chul make ramen for yeon jo - W - Episode 10 Review

We didn't predict what new turn the story will take and what is Kang chul is up to. He didn't hand over Yeon Joo to the police it make us happy he might remember something or feels some connection towards her. But all he wanted to knew who she really is.

 kang chul didn't hand over Yeon jo and keep her by his side - W - Episode 10 Review

The killer drag the story as of what he wanted and join hands with president Han Cheol Ho. Here i must say the wording "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". He put a suggestion for him that he will make him the next president because he knew Kang Chul more and he can make things happen to his way.

 webtoon killer join hands with congressman han cheol ho - W - Episode 10 Review

Here also we didn't predict what he will do. Kang Chul came to see Mr Song who showed him a voice recording file of his family and was being suspicious of Chul's innocence. The here drive us crazy what on earth in W going on. We forgot the moment the killer is actually handling the story line and making it more complicated.

He ordered Writer Sung Moo to draw a scene and make chul suspect of murder. It happened so Chul was shocked to see Mr Song died of a gunshot but no body was there. A gun appears in his hands. Police came and suspect him as a murderer. Thing weren't good for him now he become the suspect of killing Mr Song.

 webtoon killer make chul suspect of the murder of Mr Song  - W - Episode 10 Review

He ran away but got shot and was in critical condition. Yeon Joo helped him by driving the car to a far place. She was all worried what happened why is chul being shoot and is now on the run.

As for chul he was in a position not to trust any body but Yeon Joo made him trust her. She bought the antibiotics from the medical stpre and come to knew via news what actually happened.

kang chul badly hurt by the gunshot he is running because he is on wanted list because of mr song murder - W - Episode 10 Review

She was now aware that chul's life is in danger. She took him to a small hotel room where no body could suspect them. There is help Chul with the first aid and try to comforting and making him believe that she is the one who want her life to be a happy ending.

 Yeon jo give kang chul first aid - W - Episode 10 Review

Chul was all curious why on earth Yeon joo is helping her. As for we knew she alreay lost her heart for Chul. All she wanted to save Chul and need a way back to his world. So she can help making things go easy in Chul's world. She kissed Chul saying "i hope this would work again" and it surely did.

Chul was shocked by Yeon Joo's act. The sign "To be continued" appeared and Yeon joo was happy. She told Chul to hang in there she will find a way to help him out of this situation. Finally she was back to her world. The episode ends here.

 Yeon jo kiss kang chul to go back to her real world - W - Episode 10 Review

Our Thoughts:
It was really really a tense and a complicated episode. We even never once got a prediction what will going to happen next. At time we lost our patience but for being addicted to watch W we can't leave it in curiosity.

We feel sad for Chul and for Yeon Joo. There life were now controll by the villan who actually is the real killer and controlling the story. He again framed Chul for the murder on the scene and was hiing like a goblin. It seems he was winning over the end what Chul and director Sung Moo plan to didn't work here.

I wonder why the artist who created W become a puppet of the killer and how he lost his face was a mystery. The story was unpredictable with every scene and drive our curiosity on the peek. But still we got a twist which was exciting when Yeon Joo caught as a thief at Soo Hee's house.

The villain became more powerful but he couldn't control Yeon Joo. She was back with Kang Chul to help him. We though may be its their instinct which was connected by Yeon Jo's wedding ring. Lot many similarities from previous story happen in this episode but with a twist and we like it.

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