The story of double world were heading towards its end. It was a very nice journey watching and travelling the two world. Though we fee...

The Car Kiss -Two Worlds W - Ep 12 Review - Our Thoughts

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W - Episode 12 Review - The Car Kiss

The story of double world were heading towards its end. It was a very nice journey watching and travelling the two world. Though we feel sad for Kang Chul suffering but it was his life created somehow to be like this.

Finally episode 12 arrived and Kang Chul along Yeon Joo came o the real world. It was the second time Kang Chul come to knew tat he was actually a main cartoon character of a web comic W. We were happy for them as well as sorry for Yeon Jo's father who lost his face.

yeon jo and kang chul appear in the real world from W's exist - W - Episode 12 Review

Yeon Jo introduce her father to Kang Chul to make him believe that it wasn't only his dream but he was now controlled by someone else. To prevent more incidents she locked him up in the room. While talking to Kang Chul suddenly Yeon Jo pass out. Kang Chul ask Soo Bong and doctor to take Yeon Joo to the hospital he will join them after finishing some work.

 kang chul and yeon jo at writer sung moo room and chul shocked to see writer face is disappear - W - Episode 12 Review

We wonder what he wanted to do? As soon as the doctor left with Yeon Joo,  Kang Chul ask Soo Bong to lend him his shoes he came in a bit hurry. Soo Bong was too surprised and shocked to see Kang Chul in his world and couldn't believe that its for real.

Kang Chul step in Writer Sung Moo's office and ask Soo Bong to bring screw driver and other tools. We wonder what he is up to now, my sister who was quick at picking of the situations says may be he will destroy the tablet to remain in this world and erase all the connection of the other world W. Doing this he will also kill the criminal and might be a help to bring Yeon Jo father face back.

Some how i agree with her but wasn't sure for few things. As we knew Kang Chul was too intelligent and holds a computer science degree he open of the tablet and separate each part. All he wanted to remove the exist and way of W for the criminal so he might not follow them to the real world. Doing this the screen that appears in the other world erased. Wao we were happy he proves to be more of the intelligent we thought.

 kang chul open up the tablet so the killer didn't come in the real world - W - Episode 12 Review

Soo Bong wanted to make him self sure of the situation that he is actually seeing Kang Chul in front of him as he was one of the main character for his project W. He asked him for a handshake and we smiled how innocent Soo Bong is. He came out to be Kang Chul's fan so were we.

Kang Chul as already memorized the story of W which he read in the comic series 34 left by Yeon Jo. He ask Soo Bong where could he can get the other episode as he wanted to knew what happened after 34 episode. Also he was curious to knew about the USB he sent to writer Sung Moo.

Soo Bong brief what they really planned for the ending according to Kang's plan but many things went out of what they planned. It didn't go according and the writer lost his face as he created the criminal face by using his.

 soo bong gave the usb to chul what they planned back then for the killer and didn't go there way - W - Episode 12 Review

Kang Chul after removing the some sects rearrange the tablet as he wasn't sure that it will be the real solution. But he sure did a good job. He wanted to check something on the tablet he turned it on and was stand by alert holding his gun. It was a tense situation we was expecting the killer might not appear out of this tablet so were we. But the world inside W was all stopped except the killer.

They had a detailed conversation and Kang Chul come to knew killers motive. He revealed that Writer Sung Moo join hands with him and then betrayed him so for this he took revenge and steal his face. Also the killer was confused about the situation why couldn't he able to control Writer Sung Moo now, he didn't knew that Yeon Joo had locked him in an other room and kang chul erased the exist  way to W.

 kang chul again join the tablet part and power on it to talk with the killer there he knew how killer stole writer sung moo face - W - Episode 12 Review

The things has some how become twisted and interesting. He called Yeon Joo and ask for a date. It was a big surprised for her as she was curious where did he got the mobile and how is he contacting her if he is not in this world. To be sure she called back and we smiled. Kang Chul told her that he bought this phone unber Park So Bong's name.

 kang chul in real world he purchase the mobile phone under soo bong name and ask yeon jo for a date - W - Episode 12 Review

Yeon Jo called Soo Bong to confirm what actually happen and she find out that Kang Chul borrowed a thousand dollar from him. He had to buy lot many things. Soo Bong was also worried what he might get his money back he lend as it was a big amount. Yeon Joo assured him that she will pay instead of Kang Chul.

Soo Bong also told Yeon Joo that he feel it a little strange Kang Chul hand was disappearing and he ask him not to tell Yeon Jo about it.

 yeon jo call soo bong to confirm what happened and soo bong told that kang chul hand starting to disappear - W - Episode 12 Review

After talking to Soo Bong Yeon Joo wanted to get ready as Kang Chul was coming to pick her up. She was confused she had a little time as she was thinking the door bell ring. It was Kang Chul he stepped in saying he couldn't wait too long so he came all the way here to her getting ready.

It was a nice scene Kang Chul tease Yeon Joo about seeing her naked and receive all those 5 kisses as he didn't knew how it works after receiving them. No doubt being a character he was a handsome man and also has feelings. Listening his request Yeon Jo was all blushed and we enjoyed this beautiful scene.

 kang chul at yeon jo house and ask him for the 5 kisses they talk about in webtoon - W - Episode 12 Review

While Yeon Joo was taking her time to get ready Kang Chul look around and step in her room. he was surprised to see the pictures of him with Yeon Jo from the web comic book and come to knew it was they don't had any of the picture together as they did everything being a couple. yeon Joo missed hi a lot so she kept these pictures as her memory.

 kang chul in yeon juo room saw his and yeon o pictures from the webtoon - W - Episode 12 Review

Yeon Jo and Kang Chul both went out for a date. yeon Jo was too excited as its now real for her. Kang Chul ask her when will he be receiving those 5 kisses? All the way he was enjoying Yeon Jo's situation. Finally Yeon Jo gave her permission to do as he pleased. It was Yeon Jo and Kang first kiss in the real world. Kang didn't want to loose this beautiful chance so he did it in the car what if Yeon Jo might refuse doing it afterwords.

 Kang chul and yeon jo kiss in the car - W - Episode 12 Review

After receiving a beautiful kiss kang told Yeon Jo so this is how it feels. It shows how he enjoyed and is now again teasing Yeon Jo. Both had lunch together and chat about many things. Kang request Yeon Jo not tow worried about him as yeon Jo told him she knew what happened to his hand  and couldn't able to eat in peace.

 yeon jo told kang chul she knew his hand disappearing  - W - Episode 12 Review

Kang Chul told her to take it easy its been since one month. Its like this, it means that he is no longer needed as the main character so things are gradually disappearing. He also wanted Yeon Joo to draw few things for him. He wanted to help Writer Sung Moo and W to a happy ending. he also told Yeon Joo that he didn't believe that its Writer Sung Moo who created the world W.

But he is the one who just created just few characters so he can't control all the things happening in W's world. So he was right at this point and we agreed with him as we have seen many times the character in W's world do not respond to writer Sung Moo some times and the episode release by itself.

 kang chul ask yeon jo to draw something for hin in W's world - W - Episode 12 Review

Kang Chul came back to writer Sung Moo house and ask Soo Bong about the lay out sketch and draft he prepare for W. It was a bit confusing but some how we understand the thing, the places and incidents for W's world were depicted from the real world with the change of character and places.

Soo Bong showed him all the related data how he think of the places and draw the sketches and wrote the details amusing that it might be like this from this area. Wao it was a really detailed work. We thought writing a cartoon story wasn't difficult enough but it wasn't simple enough for one who create and had to think about every aspect to make it look like a real animation.

with thelp of soo bong kang chul find the place wher killer is living and with hypothesis he go there - W - Episode 12 Review

Kang Chul followed a hypothesis that if he can imagine he can travel the other world as he think he could. He went to the apartment place and use his 1st hypothesis that he can pull his self into the other world infront of criminal house. Waoo this thing works.

The police couldn't able to capture the criminal as in details his house and address wasn't mention in the story/. Kang Chul using his brain and following the hypothesis finally found the criminal. It was a very tense scene they fight and Kang Chul happen to come over the criminal. We were happy that everything will be back to normal. He called the police.

 after a fight he called the police and tell them killer wear about - W - Episode 12 Review

As instructed Yeon Joo was drawing the things Kang Chul asked her to do so. A car appeared in the webtoon world. Kang Chul call Do Yoon and told that he is caught the killer he also told him to report the police about Kang Chul's dead body at the house he is being living 15 days ago.

 kang chul call do yoon and ask him to to report his dead body to the police  - W - Episode 12 Review

It was all done as Kang Chul planned. Police capture the killer and take over his dead body. Also they happen to find Kang Chul's will. The last thing Kang Chul need Yeon Jo to draw was his wedding ring as its too expensive and he can't afford it in the real world, so he ask Yeon Jo's help. After this Kang Chul used his hypothesis and travel back to the real world.

 police find kang chul will, yeon joo draw the wedding ring for kang chul an he came back to the real world - W - Episode 12 Review

Yeon jo was all worried but Kang Chul tell her not to worry everything went according to his hypothesis, he is now back in the real world is on his way to her to complete the date they planned to. He also reminds Yeon Jo to let him finish the 5th kiss and you will find me much better then your ex husband. The episode ends here.

kang chul call yeon jo and ask her to complete their remaining date & kiss - W - Episode 12 Review

Out Thoughts:

Though it was a complicated story now the world of W has been controlled by many people. It wasn't only the writer Sung and Yeon Joo but the killer who stole writer sung moo face and was controlling him. It wasn't only the killer now Kang Chul who came to real world was also the one to control what's happening in W's world.

He made a hypothesis to come and go it worked and we believe that hypothesis have a power which make you assume if you do like this it turned out like this. Also we were happy that Kang Chul with the help of Yeon Jo and Soo Bong able to caught the killer and hand him over the police. Still there is too much suspense we don't know about for sure it will be as thrilling as the previous episodes.

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