After the killer got caught by police we thought it will be simple to end the story with the trial everything has been solved but thing...

The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist - The Two Worlds W - Ep 13 Review - Our Thoughts

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W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

After the killer got caught by police we thought it will be simple to end the story with the trial everything has been solved but thing weren't as simple as we thought.

Congressman Han Cheol was all worried how come chul knew what is he up to and leave his will before he died. Another episode of W released. Han Cheol ho posses the recording of the killer who threat him and offer him to join hands. As Sang Cheol ho feels something off and dangergeous the killer has now being caught he delete that conversation and remove the proof that they were in contact.

 congressman Han Hao Chul have kang chul will - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Yeon Jo called So Bong to ask about his father and Chul. Soo Bong told Chul again went to W's world and nothing changed with Writer Sung Moo's face.  Another episode arrived where Han Cheol ho was planing to kill the killer he as his gang to finish off the killer.

 han cheol ho plainning to kill the killer & writer sung moo face came back - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Chul went to meet Do yoon and gave him the address of the gang which Han cheol ho helped them and now make them work for him. Kang Chul died in W's world and regain the fame as the lead character. Police arrest Han Cheol ho due to many suspicion regarding Kang Chul and the killer death.

We thought now the story is will be as smooth and simple heading towards the end. In W's world " The end" appears to Chul's life. But in the real world the story continues. At the moment it make us thought that now they are just dragging the story.

 kang chul gave the adress where han cheol ho gang members were and police arrest han cheol ho  - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Chul was back to the real world Yeon Jo introduced him to his father as his boyfriend. It was very unexpected for Writer Sung Moo to accept a cartoon character he created as his son in law. But Chul did all to come along with Yeon Jo's father.

yeon joo take Kang chul to meet with her father but her father didn't accept her - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

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He become friendly he bear all the anger and ignorance. Also he wish that there will be a time he will going to be accepted by him as Yeon Jo's boyfriend. We wish him best of luck. It was very hard for him but he didn't loose hope. He even played "Go" game with him. This game reminds us of drama "Reply 1988" and the player Choi taek.

 kang chul played go game with writer sung moo - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Yeon Jo then introduce Chul to her mother and aunt. The same situation goes here. Her mother didn't like him as for her aunt she fall for Chul's look.

 yeon jo take kang chul to meet her aunt and mother  - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Yeon Jo and Chul were happy and did all the things as the real couple of this world. They went shopping, they played games, go bicycling and it was all beautiful memories for them. Both forget about W's world and Chul become a human in this world rather then a character.

kang chul and yeon Joo date in the real world  - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

On one of their date at the cafe Yeon Jo Professor came he was all angry for W's twisted story. As his habit he didn't care of the place, situation and where with whom yeon Jo is he just brag out his thoughts full of emotions.

After releasing the stress he also said he doesn't like Yeon Jo and what the rubbish Kang Chul did, was he foolish to die like this and realize that a person standing resembles to someone. Kang chul introduce himself and give him his business card. The professor come to knew its president Kang chul and changed his tone. It was a funny scene we enjoyed in the end Kang chul brief that people assume him he look like that Kang chul so thats why he made a business card just for fun.

yeon jo professor doctor meet kang chul at the cafe  - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Soo bong was briefing the other detail t Kang chul. He told him it was he who drew things at his penthouse in the story he just change the name to miracle hotel. Kang chul went there to find that place and saw Soo Hee.
He thought he was again dragged in W's world so he called Yeon Jo to confirm. But luckily it wasn't so he was in Yeon Jo's world. It happened while he was thinking of Soo Hee and saw her for a brief moment as he was still the lead character of W's world.

 kang chul saw soo hee while he was in the real world - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Finally Writer Sung Moo got back his face. We wonder what is happening it happened before also the killer didn't die or what so? But some things were little confusing still. Chul again went to meet with Do Yoon he completed all the paper work and distribute all his asset. Do Yoon refuse to take any of the authority saying he can' look over them, he want to go back to his place, but Chul already signed the documents.

 kang chul meet with do yoon - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Do Yoon also told Chul that So hee saw him and couldn't believe that Chul died. Then chul come to believe that when he saw Soo hee it wasn't a dream nor his illusion. While Chul was think Do Yoon was receive a call that the killer disappear and ran away.

The story now again got twisted, we wonder how the killer broke out at first we thought he received help from Han Cheol ho and his gang members made him run away. Chul was all worried for yeon Jo safety. He used his third hypothesis which says things of the cartoon character they can be summound to real world.

The killer disappeared from the cell and came to the real world. he disguised himself as Yeon Jo's father. he acted as he forgot things then Yeon Jo told Chul is in W's world.

 killer came in the real world and acted like Yeon Jo's father  - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

It was a flash back scene which shows how the killer disappear change into the policeman cloth and entered Yeon Jo's house. Yeon jo couldn't recognize him as the killer and treated him as his father. When killer knew Chul is in W's world he made Yeon Jo a hostage and ordered Writer Sung moo to act over his commands. OMG writer Sung Moo's face again disappeared and he was acting a dummy controlled by the killer.

 killer make yeon jo hostage and commanding writer sung moo to draw thing for them - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Chul Came to Writer Sung Moo house and told Soo Bong to stay outside its dangerous. He stepped in but it was too late he didn't find Yeon Joo  nor the killer. he again used his hypothesis and travel to W's world. He happened to appear in Han Cheol office he was shocked to see chul there. But for Chul he had to find where the killer and Yeon Jo is. He had a doubt that might Han Cheol ho knew something as he already knew the killer contacted him.

He threaten Han Cheol Ho and find out where the killer went. It was the thump thump moment we wish killer might not kill Yeon Joo as he already challenged to finish off Chul's family. The killer pull his gun on Yeon Jo saying no one ask you to become a lead character in comic world. Did you thinks its a good ending. "To be continued" sign appeared and we become a bit relaxed that it isn't the time the killer would kill Yeon Jo, she might able to came to real world. But Chul disappeared while driving in W's world.

 killer shot Yeon Jo and kang chul disappear from the webtoon world - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Another episode of W released. Chul was in real world and was standing on the road between the cars. The episode shows how killer took Yeon Jo as a hostage and shoot her while she tried to run away. Seeing this Chul became angry he use his hypothesis to travel back in W's world. He found the killer who was trying to run away he just pulled his gun out and killed him.

 kang chul saw the webtoon online and go there in the webtoon world and shoot the killer - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

He went to find Yeon Joo but unfortunately he couldn't find her body just saw blood on the floor. Yeon Jo was back to real world same for Chul. It was the same place in W's world where yeon Jo got shot and the scene continues in real world. The factory worker happen to find Yeon Jo all injured and shot fainted he called the police and ambulance.

Chul also appeared in the real world and the people there shock to see from where he came but it wasn't the time to explain. Chul just ask where is the injured lady and they told him she is been shifted to the hospital. Chul introduce himself as his husband. Yeon Jo was in a very critical condition she almost lost loot of blood and unconscious. Chul with the police came to the hospital he saw Yeon Jo and the episode ends here.

 yeon jo was in hospital in critical condition kang chul with police came at the hospital  - W - Episode 13 Review - The Hypothesis & Unexpected Twist

Our Thoughts: 

It was another complicated episode of time travel coming forth and back. The things in W's world again got twisted. As chul planned to make them smooth but it didn't work like before. The killer make to broke the prison and kidnapped Yeon Jo. We were too angry on killer and worried for Yeon Joo safety. Moreover the killer again turn Writer Sung Moo as his puppit.

This episode made us more confused to judge when they are in the real world and when they happen to drag in W's world. As previosly Chul broke the exist of W's world from Writer sung moo's tablet but still the killer appear in real world and kidnapped Yeon Jo.

It was like  Killer appear in the real world kidnapped Yeon Jo from there and end up in webtoon world, killed her there and she appeared in the real world with the same scene. It was too confusing and complicated to understand whats going on. We hope the further episode will go smoothly with out being too much complicated.

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